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Previous projects

Volunteer Facilities

In 2017 we improved and expanded our volunteer facilities at Lotus to include a combined toilet and shower block and also a rest area for volunteers. This was an important investment so that we can continue to attract the level of volunteers we have in the past, which we rely on so heavily.

Website Translation

In Spring 2016, having looked for a way to have our website translated into Mongolian, as well as English, a locally based translation company, Double Check Translation, very kindly offered to translate the website free of charge. They showed great enthusiasm for helping and we are very thankful for the help that they have given, which allowed us to open up to a wider audience.

Horses and Corral

Didi has always greatly enjoyed horse riding, and was keen for the children to also experience her joy. As well as being a source of pleasure for the children, Didi was also thinking of the long term and perhaps organizing treks as part of the trips offered by the Lotus Guesthouse.

Didi’s wish for horses was made possible by a kind Mongolian family currently living overseas. They offered not only to buy the horses, but also to cover the costs of the riding equipment as well.

Of course, a corral was needed to house the horses and this was built by one of our regular volunteers, James, with the help of our local workers, Pujee, Enkhbaatar and Batmunkh.

In 2016, we had a further two horses donated by Simone Aleida from The Netherlands. Simone rode her horses across Mongolia whilst also raising money for Lotus, before donating them to the centre.

It’s great to see the smiles on the children’s faces when they are riding, and we already have some very competent riders.

Ger and Platform

In 2015, a large 12 wall carved ceremonial ger was built, initially to host the Lotus’ 20th anniversary celebrations, but with the long term view of hosting various events such as yoga retreats, Tsagaan Sar and Naadam celebrations, and possibly special events like weddings. The ger was built on a platform up the back of the Centre and it really does look fantastic. Inside, it looks just as impressive with traditional tables and chairs as well as the beautifully carved wood features.

Landscaping Project Phase 1

When Lotus moved to Gachuurt, the grounds of the orphanage were very bare looking, so Didi has made continuous efforts to make the Centre more attractive. Various groups have came to the Centre to plant trees and, amazingly, we now have almost 500 trees planted, which really is a magnificent effort by all those involved.

Basketball Court

The court was made possible thanks to the generosity of two Mongolian companies, NBIK LLC and OchNaran LLC and was completed in the Autumn of 2014. It is of great benefit to the children as there was previously no even ground for the children to play sports on, but we have a great basketball court, which can be used for various activities as well as basketball.

Bakery Project

2011 saw the beginning of a very exciting project that still continues to this day. A chef, Paul Wilderbeek, arrived to deliver baking training to some of the children, but at that point, no one knew just how big a contribution Paul was about to make to Lotus. Paul works for Holy Spirit Northside Private Hospital and was funded by the Children’s Health and Education Fund to be able to come to Mongolia. Paul’s training initially took place in a small room, then in a garage with low quality equipment, no water and no kitchen.

Paul wanted to do more, and incredibly managed to raise AUS $25,000 at a fundraising dinner. With this money, it was decided to build a bakery at the Centre in Gachuurt with the equipment being sourced from China.

Paul has continued to return, bringing with him a patisserie chef, nutritionist and sous chef on different trips.

To read more about Paul’s amazing story, read the blogpost "The Lotus Bakery Project"

Khutul Community Centre

In 2006, Lotus collaborated with the local community to open up a new Cafe and Community Centre, in Khutul. The Centre was focused on providing educational and vocational programs, as well as different social clubs for the community, with a particular focus on young adults and women. Although it being a fantastic project, unfortunately, the Centre is no longer able to run.

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