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The Lotus Children’s Centre is an official Mongolian non-governmental organisation (NGO) that currently acts as a home for around 75 vulnerable and abused Mongolian children and also takes part in community out-reach projects. The Lotus Children’s Centre, located in Gachuurt in the suburbs of Ulaanbaatar, is not only a home but also a centre for development for abandoned and vulnerable children.


Whilst Lotus is not a religious organisation, many of the beliefs of the founder, Didi Ananda Kalika, help the children to overcome their backgrounds. Didi has helped the children to move onto self-confidence through loving care, a healthier lifestyle and helping them to believe that anything is possible if they want it enough.

The main aims of Lotus are:

  • Provide primary care to all of the children at the Centre, including food, healthcare, clothing and suitable accommodation

  • Provide development care so the children can break free of the poverty cycle. As such, we aim to give each child a quality education, counselling, tools for building self-esteem and the opportunity to improve life skills

  • Give every child love and attention, and the support of a family group

Children are not forgotten after they leave Lotus and support is provided for the children’s ‘post-Lotus’ lives so that they have a safety net, and are able to find employment, and tertiary education placements. Once you join the Lotus family, help is always there.

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