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Please don’t send any items to us by post without asking first! We don’t want anything to get lost or to go to waste. Our needs can change rapidly and international shipping to Mongolia is notoriously unreliable, so we would like to be prepared in advance. Thank you.

We prefer monetary donations because we aim to support the Mongolian economy and local people. It is also often cheaper to buy things here than in Europe, America or Australia. Shipping items is also difficult, expensive and things can get lost or damaged.  Although we do gladly accept second hand donations, please consider carefully before choosing to send your items. Is there a charity in your country that needs these donations too? Take care of your community as well and look after the environment by keeping it local!

The Mongolian economy, although growing is still very disproportionate. There are many poor communities and families that still struggle to make ends meet. The mining industry in Mongolia gives a skewed vision of the wealth of Mongolia. As far as possible Lotus Children’s Centre supports those who are less well off by purchasing items from local markets, herders or artisans. Our support may keep some families off the streets so we wish to continue to support the local economy in this way.

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